Palm Sunday | Lent Week 6 | Luke 19:28-44
Fr. Jay Traylor

Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem was a coronation event, but Jesus was headed to a different kind of throne than anyone could have imagined.

The Scripture Readings
(00:00) Old Testament – Isaiah 52:13 – 53:12
(02:54) Psalm 118:19-29
(04:26) New Testament – Philippians 2:5-11
(05:18) Gospel – Luke 19:28-44 [NO AUDIO] We did not capture the audio for the Gospel reading. Which is unfortunate, because it was the main preaching passage for the day. We encourage you to read Luke 19:28-44 before proceeding. You can also listen to the official ESV Bible audio version here:
(05:28) The Sermon – Fr. Jay Traylor

(29:47) The Passion of the Christ. Our Palm Sunday service ends with a reading of the entire Passion narrative (the crucifixion of Jesus) from a different Gospel every year. This year we read Luke 22:39 – 23:56.