Christ’s Dominion & Our Inheritance
Fr. Jay Traylor

NOTE: Someone (*ahem* Fr. Jay) didn’t start the recording until just before the Gospel, so the Old Testament, Psalm, and even the New Testament passage that this sermon centers on were not recorded. We encourage you to read the Ezra 6, Psalm 8, and Ephesians 1 readings yourself before listening.

We are continuing in our series through Ephesians. In today’s passage, Paul gives thanks for the body of Christ and the rich inheritance won by Jesus in his death and resurrection. And, as in all things, Paul points all of this back to the supremacy and grace of Jesus.

OT – Ezra 6:19-22
Psalm 8
NT – Ephesians 1:15-23
(00:00) Gospel – John 3:24-34
(02:16) Sermon – Fr. Jay Traylor