Lambs Among Wolves | Lent Week 1 | Luke 10:1-24

Why did Jesus send his messengers out with such odd instructions?
What does it mean when Jesus was pronouncing “woe” on various cities?
How is all of this meant to increase our trust in him?

The Scripture Readings
(00:00) Old Testament – Deuteronomy 26:1-11
(02:25) Psalm 91:9-16
(03:51) New Testament – Acts 13:44-52
(05:33) Gospel – Luke 10:1-24

(08:54) The Sermon – Fr. Jay Traylor

(37:21) – “The Exhortation” and a little extemporaneous teaching

The Exhortation is a piece of the Anglican liturgy that is typically said by the pastor on the First Sunday of Advent and the First Sunday in Lent. While we always have a positive and celebratory view of the Lord’s Supper, the Bible also tells us that it’s a serious thing and we shouldn’t approach it with the wrong mindset or intentions. Fr. Jay does a little teaching on our view of the Lord’s Supper, and reads The Exhortation. Then talks a little bit more.