The One and the Many | Trinity Sunday 2022
Fr. Jay Traylor

Why do we spend a whole Sunday focusing on how God is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, three persons in one being? Well, the fact that God is Three-In-One tells us a good bit about the universe he created, tells us a lot about how he wired us, and how he would have us live.

The Scripture Readings
(00:00) Old Testament – Isaiah 6:1-7
(01:20) Psalm 29
(02:56) New Testament – Revelation 4:1-11
(05:30) Gospel – John 16:1-15

(07:39) The Sermon – Fr. Jay Traylor

(33:27) TRINITY SUNDAY BONUS – The Athanasian Creed
On Trinity Sunday, instead of saying the Nicene Creed (which we typically say almost every week), we say the Athanasian Creed. We include a recitation of it here because many are unfamiliar with it.