What we hope you witness and experience in our community is the power of a sin-shattered world being restored by a cross-shattered Christ. Our community exists to proclaim and participate in this restoration of all things. This story forms the basis of our logo, which features the historic “chi-rho” Christ-symbol in the midst of shattered stained glass. This story of restoring grace is also the basis for how we focus and organize our life together as a community.

Here is a picture of how we pursue that life together:


The vision of Restoration Anglican Church is to be a community captivated by the beauty, truth, and goodness of Jesus Christ, such that we are compelled to live for the glory of God, the good of the city, and the joy of the nations. Like the two chambers of our hearts that move blood through the body, we hold this vision of dynamic worship as central to the life and health of our community.


We live out this vision of dynamic, whole-life worship in the holy love of God as the defining value of our community. The way we pursue holy love is through the nine values below.

Where to Find Holy Love:

Pause to Pray, Choose a Place, Move Towards the Poor

What Holy Love Looks Like:

Throw A Party, Rise and Rise Again, Keep It Simple

How Holy Love Responds:

Assume Positive Intent, Contribute to the Cause, Meet Face to Face


This vision for restored worship defined by the holy love of God in Christ is pursued in the relational context of our common humanity. As people made in the image of God we are inherently and irrevocably relational beings who always exist in relationship to God, ourselves, others, and the world, whether we recognize it or not. These relationships form the mission paths through which we pursue a life of restored worship and love as a church: towards God as his temple, towards ourselves as a hospital, towards others following Christ as God’s household, and towards the world as God’s embassy.

The church as temple is where we find the meaning of our humanity. The church as hospital is where we find the healing of our humanity. The church as household is where we find the belonging of our humanity. And the church as embassy is where we find the purpose of our humanity.


Restoration is a young, forming church community in the heart of Staunton with a heart for Staunton. It is a “church plant” of The Church of the Incarnation in Harrisonburg, VA. In 2019, there were a number of households driving from the Staunton and the Augusta County area to worship with The Church of the Incarnation. These households formed the initial community that called a pastor to lead them in early 2020. After getting initial footing as a community, the church underwent a year of transition and called its current pastor in the summer of 2023. Since its origins in 2019, it has been a remarkable work of God’s grace to see this community established and growing, and we look forward to fruitful years to come.